FPC are two days to

  • Present your products and solutions to a targeted audience across all markets with a turnkey formula and a controlled budget (Transports and mobility, medical, cosmetics and perfumery, packaging, sports and leisure, construction, energy, etc.) 

  • Position yourself as a key player at an event that analyses and shares the results of studies by the entire industry.

  • Be at the forefront of industry news, stay connected with your customers and reach new prospects in Paris between two FIPs.

  • Benefit from extensive communication deployed by the industry’s leading magazine (PLASTIQUES ET CAOUTCHOUCS) and the leading information platform devoted to economics and technologies in the industrial world (L'USINE NOUVELLE), also relayed on the databases of Infopro Digital Trade Shows, organiser of the French plastics industry's reference trade fair, FIP - France Innovation Plasturgie.

  • Meet new decision makers after FIP in Lyon

Who will be there?

échantillons de matière en exposition
  • Materials
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Moulds
  • Control and measurement systems
  • Software design and delivery
  • Design offices 
  • Robots
  • Finishings and Decoration
  • Components and semi-finished products

echantillons de matiere broyée
· Plastics converters
· Services (Training, Maintenance, Trade Associations, Laboratories, Standardisation, Quality)
packages exposants FPC

Turnkey packages for optimised participation

Discover our four offers including a turnkey booth and custom visibility package.

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