Friday, July 28, 2023

Meeting with Jean-Christophe IMBERT, Managing Director of B2B France and representative of NGR - Next Generation Recycling for France

Meeting with Jean-Christophe IMBERT, Managing Director of B2B France and representative of NGR - Next Generation Recycling for France
Ahead of its participation at FPC on 2 and 3 October, B2B Plast, a company focused on promoting plastic recycling and plastic valorization solutions, represented by Jean Christophe IMBERT, tells us more about its expertise and its solutions for the circular economy.

What is your company's main mission?

B2B France was created in 2010 with the mission of contributing to the circular economy in the field of plastics recycling and recovery.

B2B Plast is a division of B2B France that was born out of a combination of 3 convictions:
  • Recycling our waste is a moral duty.
  • The percentage of plastic waste recycled in France is still too low.
  • The future of plastic recycling lies in the treatment of highly polluted (post-consumer) waste.

B2B Plast offers all the solutions and equipment needed by manufacturers and professional recyclers to recycle all plastics, whether they are "clean" post-industrial or "polluted" post-consumer.

B2B Plast has exclusive partnerships with the best manufacturers of plastic recycling machines and equipment, in order to provide its customers with the best solutions in terms of reliability and durability in this field.

B2B Plast has more than a hundred customers in France and more than 150 plastic recycling and recovery facilities.

At FPC, you'll be meeting decision maker from all the sectors. Without revealing everything away, could you tell us about one of your innovative solutions that will surprise our visitors? 

At the Forum, B2B Plast will be presenting a plastics recycling solution designed for manufacturers who want to recycle their plastic production waste simply, efficiently and economically.

This solution is the fruit of developments by NGR Recycling, a company based in Austria and one of the leading manufacturers of plastics recycling and recovery equipment.
NGR Recycling is presenting an "ALL-IN-ONE" machine that simplifies recycling operations, making them :

  • simpler,
  • more efficient
  • more economical

NGR's NXT-GRAN is a fully integrated recycling and granulation machine with shredder, capable of simultaneously processing flexible and rigid production waste.

  • 1 single operator
  • 1 single on/off button
  • All flexible or rigid production waste plastics are recycled in a single operation into high added-value granules.
You can view the 3 short videos (one minute) showing the machine in action for 3 different materials:
LDPE film and purge, Biodegradable film and XPS.

How are your solutions/developments part of a circular economy approach?

B2B Plast is 100% dedicated to plastics recycling and recovery and works solely to offer its customers circular economy solutions.

We monitor all our partners' developments, as well as all developments in new technologies that would enable our customers to recycle and recover plastics more effectively.

In particular, our partner NGR Recycling has recently developed and marketed a food-grade PET recycling solution whose decontamination performance far exceeds any technology available on the market.

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